God Became Man

A good friend of mine once told me that he learned a lot about God’s love when he finally had kids. I asked him, “Why is that?” What he told me was fascinating . . . He said, “When they’re born, you love them so much, for no reason; you realize that they’ve done nothing to earn your love, but you still love them so much.” I also heard a lady on Focus on the Family make another interesting point about kids . . . She said, “God didn’t give us kids to raise; He gave us kids to raise us.” I agree!  Both of these statements have especially been on my mind since the recent birth of my daughter.

Before my daughter was born, I remember when my brother had his son, and again when he had his daughter. I remember holding them, thinking to myself, “I can’t believe that God became one of these!” It really is crazy when you thing about it: The Creator of the universe, who spoke billions of galaxies into existence, freely abandoned His heavenly throne, to be born a virgin, in poor, unsanitary conditions. The most powerful being in existence, became as impotent as a new born baby in an effort to save us; this is nothing short of scandalous when you think about it!

When I look at my daughter, I see how helpless and vulnerable she is and how much she depends on mom and dad. She has no way to help herself or tell us what she needs; she is completely dependent, with her delicate life in our hands. Who would ever want to take on such a helpless endeavor? Certainly not the Creator of the universe! But this is exactly what happened.  This is the Christmas story:  the greatest love story ever told, how God became man, by first becoming a child. Maybe you’ve never really thought about how much God loves us, but the next time you see a helpless child, maybe you will . . .