The Beast in Revelation – 666 Revealed!

The book of Revelation is perhaps the most difficult book in the Bible to understand, and for good reason, I think: it’s apocalyptic literature! This type of literature commonly uses symbolism, imagery, and metaphors to convey absolute truths, making it difficult to understand sometimes. This has led to much confusion, resulting in many different interpretations. […]

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What Is Predestination?

Predestination is the idea that God has predestined everything that comes to pass, including those who will be saved. In my opinion, there seems to be two errors concerning this doctrine: 1) People deny predestination, or 2) People accept predestination and deny free-will. Both of these errors are unbiblical; a sound Christian theology will affirm […]

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Grafted Into the Olive Tree

I did a YouTube video, not long ago, about what is meant by “true Israel”, where I concluded that “true Israel” is all believers who have been saved by grace through faith. The idea that God’s chosen people is the nation Israel is simply mistaken, and Paul makes this crystal clear in the book of […]

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